Theseus HD Flat Preview

Theseus HD Flat PreviewI said it would happen, and I promise to keep my word! Here is a preview of Theseus HD Flat! My first icon set based on the new flat design that is becoming the new standard in the UI/UX world. The first icon is Google Play, the second is Hangouts and the third is Music. I have 3 more icons completed but ill reveal them at a later time. More updates coming, but for now enjoy!


Aeolus HD ADW Theme is compatible with Nova Launcher Prime!


Lately I’ve been asked if I will make an icon / theme pack for Nova Launcher (Prime). Well, I would if there was an option too, lol. As of right now, there is not, but when one becomes available I sure will get to making one. In the mean time, here is a bit of good news, my ADW theme, ‘Aeolus HD’ is compatible with Nova Launcher (Prime), so if you bought my theme, but currently use Nova, my theme will work. If you use Nova, but want to try my theme, buy it, install it on Nova! This is a great work around until themes can be properly made for Nova.

Give it a try!

Aeolus HD ADW Theme Update v2.12.23


Good morning people, it’s been a loooooooong time since you’ve seen a post like this. Yup, 366 days ago to be exact. I’ve been very sluggish on ADW updates, but in the last month ive seen a great growth in the app, and people requesting icons too, so with Christmas just a few days away, here is my gift to you!

I’ve added a new wallpaper, ‘Polar Aurora Cold HD’, hope you like it! I also added 23 new icons;

  1. Instagram
  2. Hulu Plus
  3. Gamefly
  4. Flipboard
  5. Angry Birds: Star Wars
  6. Pinterest
  7. Photogrid HD
  8. Google Chrome
  9. Google Drive
  10. Call of Duty: Elite
  11. Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots
  12. Google Plus (Red Alternate)
  13. Falcon Pro
  14. WordPress
  15. Need For Speed: Most Wanted
  16.  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  17. Nova Launcher Prime
  18. FoxFi
  19. Where’s My Water
  20. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies
  21. Free Fun Multiplayer Race
  22. 100 Doors: 2013 Edition
  23. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

The update is LIVE now, if it’s not showing in your Market, try this desktop link.

Theseus HD Preview

Here is another preview of Theseus HD. Here is the HTC One X and Gallery icons. The HTC One X is complete, but the Gallery is still a WIP. This time around instead of finding a static picture and shrinking it to fit the wooden frame, I decided to actually make the contents (leaf and ladybug) from scratch, both icons designed using Photoshop CS5.