Theseus HD Preview

Here is another preview of Theseus HD. Here is the HTC One X and Gallery icons. The HTC One X is complete, but the Gallery is still a WIP. This time around instead of finding a static picture and shrinking it to fit the wooden frame, I decided to actually make the contents (leaf and ladybug) from scratch, both icons designed using Photoshop CS5.


One comment on “Theseus HD Preview

  1. I’m trying not to criticize 🙂 because I think your shizz at making icons, you always have quality screen shots and this is just my opinion but first of all I think the hox icon doesn’t look as good as the one in the last preview, it’s just the design of the bottom of the phone not your icon or anything. Secondly I think the leaf in the gallery icon should either touch the wooden part of the frame or not touch the frame at all, it’s just so close to the canvas? That the right word? That at first and second glance it looks like a mistake. And thirdly, this may just be since it’s not on my phones screen but the wood on the gallery icon looks kinda low res? If that’s the right term.. Well I know the gallery icon was still a wip in the time of this post I just wanted to tell you my opinions, I really didn’t mean to offend you if I did or anything.

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