God, I love MIUI! My Personal Aeolus HD v9 Theme

What’s not to love about it? It’s visually breathtaking, simple and easy to use, the MIUI Gods have such great taste of art. This is my personal theme right now, on MIUI 1.7.22. I wanted to break away from tradition a lil bit, so I made a Pokeball as my SMS icon. Got rid of the stars page indicators because pretty much every one is using them, so I went with “tic tac toe” instead. Revamped music and gallery icons, music has a clear like sleeve and my gallery icon is Perseus, holding the mangled head of Medusa in the sky. This should be available very soon.

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Aeolus HD v9 Theme (Preview II)

Sup everyone, here is another preview of Aeolus HD v9 for MIUI. I’m running the latest version, 1.7.22. Some new changes are coming like new icons, changed the page indicators, wallpapers etc. This is not a final shot, just a preview of things too come. Should be done very soon!

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Aeolus HD ADW Launcher Theme Update (v2.1)

Good morning people, or shall I say goodnight because after I post this I’m going to bed, lol. Here is the full 2.1 changelog:

I’ve revamped the browser icon, should be less blurry and more recognizable, also a couple of bug fixes regarding Evernote and Kernal Manager, had a few people mention it wouldn’t theme, should be working now. I’ve also added 19 new icons,

  • Urbanspoon
  • PicSay and PicSay Pro
  • Fancy Widget Pro
  • Simi Folder
  • Tmobile My Account
  • Seesmic
  • Speedtest
  • System Panel
  • Go Contact
  • Go Keyboard
  • MLB at Bat 2011
  • AK Notepad
  • Beejive
  • Andchat
  • Dictionary.com
  • Yelp
  • Skyfire Browser
  • MyFitness Pal
I also mention in the next update I would change the wallpaper, well this time I won’t, I will try to incorporate a wallpaper chooser in the next update, so you can choose from a pack.  The update is LIVE now, if it’s not showing in your Market, try this link.

[MOD] Pure Music Widget Vinyl Skin

Hey all!

I thought today… err this morning, lol, I would share something with my viewers. One of the many request I get is my Pure Music Widget skins and for the longest it has been a NFR (not for release). Well I thought I’d give back, so I’m going to share one of them. I will share the Vinyl Sleeve skin.

Since it’s tied to the actual .apk, and the app is paid, all I ask is to show proof that you purchase the app and ill release the .apk to you.  You can get the app here. Also this has only been tested on a HTC Evo 4G and HTC Thunderbolt, I don’t know if it works on any other phone.

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