Guess who’s back…

Home screen 2

KitKat 4.4.2 is out for the HTC One and that brings a lot of slew of new features like a transparent status bar! Yeah! For years, HTC has plagued us with a black status bar when using a alternate launcher. Also Google has switched to all white icons so it looks even more inline with MIUI v5.

Yes, you’re are looking at the Theseus HD, a project that Ive been working on for over a year, I know, smoke and mirrors, lol. These icons are skumorphic design and if you’ve been living under a shell lately, you know flat design is ALL the rage now. So this icon pack will more than likely never see the light of day as I move on with the ‘IN’ crowd and design my next set with a flat design. For those who were waiting for this I’m truely sorry for the delay and than the ill fate kill off. Maybe ill get back into it, maybe I wont, who knows.

Right now, it’s all about flat… so let me get back to work! Have a great Sunday everyone.


I miss MIUI…





My phone is currently unrooted, running stock Sense 5, and it’s great, but nothing, and I mean, NOTHING can beat the all mighty MIUI. This is the last screenshot I took of MIUI v5 on my HTC One X (RIP), and I was in love with my setup. Some of the icons are from my very own Theseus HD (Phone, Music and Gmail), the rest is from other icon designers.

I can’t wait to get MIUI v5 on my HTC One. The icons are going to look super CRISP on my 1080p screen. I think I may just redraw all the Theseus HD icons from the ground up just to take clear advantage of the 1080p. Just waiting for MIUI for Sense ROM, which may not happen anymore after reading this thread on XDA Forums

Sucks. Was a huge supporter of Andy too, hopefully somebody will takeover MIUI for the One, I would, but I’m waaay to busy to take on such a job, and it’s pretty time consuming too reading through change logs, smali edits and bug reports. Oh well. I guess I’ll cross my fingers anyways.