[APP][4.0+] *NEW* Google+ v4.2! TONS OF NEW FEATURE!


New Menus, Google + Photos App, Folder Based Local Browsing, Auto Awesome Movie Maker, Swipe Left / Right Menu System and MORE.

Google really brought out the guns for this update, everything is more streamed line, smoother. Also Hangouts is slated for a big update soon as well, including location sharing, animated gifs and SMS support built into the app. The new Google+ app is rolling out to your Play Store, but if you can’t wait, get it at my link below:

DOWNLOAD: Google + v4.2


I miss MIUI…





My phone is currently unrooted, running stock Sense 5, and it’s great, but nothing, and I mean, NOTHING can beat the all mighty MIUI. This is the last screenshot I took of MIUI v5 on my HTC One X (RIP), and I was in love with my setup. Some of the icons are from my very own Theseus HD (Phone, Music and Gmail), the rest is from other icon designers.

I can’t wait to get MIUI v5 on my HTC One. The icons are going to look super CRISP on my 1080p screen. I think I may just redraw all the Theseus HD icons from the ground up just to take clear advantage of the 1080p. Just waiting for MIUI for Sense ROM, which may not happen anymore after reading this thread on XDA Forums


Sucks. Was a huge supporter of Andy too, hopefully somebody will takeover MIUI for the One, I would, but I’m waaay to busy to take on such a job, and it’s pretty time consuming too reading through change logs, smali edits and bug reports. Oh well. I guess I’ll cross my fingers anyways.

[APP][4.0+] *NEW* Google Play Store 4.4


It’s here, the new Google Play Store! So far I don’t see any change besides the slide out navigation bar. Other than that, it’s still the good ole’ fashion smooth Play Store that we all know and love. Once you download/install it, it overwrites you existing Play Store. Click the link below to get it!

Download: Google Play Store v4.4