[MOD] Pure Music Widget Vinyl Skin

Hey all!

I thought today… err this morning, lol, I would share something with my viewers. One of the many request I get is my Pure Music Widget skins and for the longest it has been a NFR (not for release). Well I thought I’d give back, so I’m going to share one of them. I will share the Vinyl Sleeve skin.

Since it’s tied to the actual .apk, and the app is paid, all I ask is to show proof that you purchase the app and ill release the .apk to you. Β You can get the app here. Also this has only been tested on a HTC Evo 4G and HTC Thunderbolt, I don’t know if it works on any other phone.

By Raadius Posted in Mods

126 comments on “[MOD] Pure Music Widget Vinyl Skin

  1. Since I can’t find an email to contact you, I hope it’s enough to post a comment. I would like to receive the APK for the Vinyl skin for Pure Music Widget. I’ve made a screenshot of the market to show that I have the app. I hope that it’s enough.

  2. Custom Pure is a trade mark protected name owned by Fox Manufacturing. Please cease using this name with your product.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for messaging me, but let me clarify something, Custom Pure and My Custom Pure Music Widget Skin is not one in the same, or even can be mention in the same breath. Pure Music is an application for Android Mobile devices made by somebody else, not me. It’s the title of my blog post, not the name of the actual mobile application. The name ‘custom’ I use is to determine my customization for it. A lot of people use the word ‘custom’ to determine a customization of something, it doesn’t mean they are trying to steal your TM. It in no shape, way or form about water filtering or about selling water. The mobile application name is 1droid_signed_pure_music_widget_1.2.5.apk

  3. can i use a screencap of the purchase from my phone?

    Email: goodbye.edwen@gmail.com

    i might post back here again if i dont receive it. my email is doing this weird thing now where it forwards everything to spam. blehh trying to fix that.

  4. Is there a way for you to remove my email in the first comment? People are starting to email me asking for the apk, haha. Redirected them back to here and haven’t send them a thing.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. May I have the PMW skin forwarded to my EMail as well if/when you get a chance, please? It would look great with that “Watch The Throne” artwork. Thank You!

    Also, I’m loving the MIUI Framework Theme. Nice work as usual.



  6. Hi Raadius. I like too much your mod, so iΒ΄m thinking on buying the app to enjoy that style. But before i wanna ask if itΒ΄s possible to have a 4×4 size mod.
    Thanks in advance, best regards.

  7. how can i add transparent skin to my pure music widget but i dont have internet connection in my phone so i cannot download it in my phone plz give me any solution πŸ™‚

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