Theseus HD Flat Preview

Theseus HD Flat PreviewI said it would happen, and I promise to keep my word! Here is a preview of Theseus HD Flat! My first icon set based on the new flat design that is becoming the new standard in the UI/UX world. The first icon is Google Play, the second is Hangouts and the third is Music. I have 3 more icons completed but ill reveal them at a later time. More updates coming, but for now enjoy!


Aeolus HD Dark Icons

After much request, I’m releasing the Project Dark icons as a standalone, there is a total of 65 icons. Please do not edit or build upon these icons. Do not make any theme packs or backups (IE: MIUI, ADW etc.) for release, personal use only. If you have any other questions please drop a comment below!

Download here.

I had to pull the Aeolus HD v10 Go Theme from the Market

A bit of sad news today but I had to pull the Aeolus HD v10 Go Theme from the market. I was receiving a lot of error reports regarding freezing. So I will take a look at it and fix it and reup to the Market when complete.

If anybody has purchased it and received errors (IE: freezing or not loading), please email me and give me the order number so I can send you an updated copy.

Thanks, Raadius.

Aeolus HD Go Launcher v10 Theme

By popular request, Aeolus HD v10 is now on Go Launcher EX. What’s the ‘v10’? Essential v10 was that last update for Aeolus HD MIUI theme. So basically you get the MIUI theme on Go Launcher EX!

Here’s what’s inside;

1. Night Fall HD Wallpaper
2. Themed Google Search Bar
3. Wooden Dock Bar
5. Over 50 Icons
6. Themed Page Indicators
7. Themed App Drawer
8. Themed App Drawer Indicators

To install this theme: Menu > Themes and select Aeolus HD v10 (apply theme). Get it from the Market.