Theseus HD Flat Preview

Theseus HD Flat PreviewI said it would happen, and I promise to keep my word! Here is a preview of Theseus HD Flat! My first icon set based on the new flat design that is becoming the new standard in the UI/UX world. The first icon is Google Play, the second is Hangouts and the third is Music. I have 3 more icons completed but ill reveal them at a later time. More updates coming, but for now enjoy!


Update: Aeolus HD Apex Launcher v1.0.5


FRESH FRESH FRESH off the press!

Aeolus HD Apex Launcher v1.0.5 update is LIVE. I added 22 new icons,

HTC Calendar
Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots
Google Plus
Double Twist
Google Earth
Barcode Scanner
ROM Manager
Motorola Clock
Motorola Contacts
Falcon Pro Beta
Root Explorer
Words With Friends
Dolphin Browser HD

I also fixed and updated activities for,

Phone Dialer (AOSP)
Messages (AOSP)
HTC Gallery
Fruit Ninja
Photo GridHD

Please check the Playstore for your update or you can download it from here.

Aeolus HD Icon Pack for Apex Launcher

Feature GP Logo

Good morning!

It’s finally completed, Aeolus HD Icon Pack for Apex Launcher! I know many of you wanted it and it’s now live on Google Play. It features over 60 of my icons with many more to come, so don’t worry this will be updated consistently. Please check it out and let me know what you think, if you notice any bugs or have request you can email me or drop a line here. I will also be making a theme as well in the next few weeks so be on the look out for that.

Google Play Link

Here is a list of all the icons included in this v1.0

  1. Watch ESPN
  2. Pocketcast
  3. Call of Duty: Elite
  4. Adobe Reader
  5. Pulse
  6. Browser
  7. Calculator
  8. Calendar
  9. Camera
  10. Chrome Browser
  11. Contacts
  12. Phone
  13. Clock
  14. Email
  15. HTC Contacts
  16. HTC Phone
  17. Messages
  18. Google Music
  19. Music
  20. Settings
  21. Sound Recorder
  22. PlayStore
  23. Gameboy Emulator
  24. Super Nintendo Emulator
  25. Engadget
  26. Quadrant Standard
  27. Beejive
  28. Chase
  29. CNN
  30. Gallery
  31. Dropbox
  32. ESPN Scorecenter
  33. Facebook
  34. Facebook Messenger
  35. Gamefly
  36. Google Drive
  37. Gmail
  38. Maps
  39. GTalk
  40. YouTube
  41. Fruit Ninja
  42. HTC Gallery
  43. HTC Flashlight
  44. HTC Music
  45. Hulu Plus
  46. Bank of America
  47. Instagram
  48. Foursquare
  49. Titanium Backup
  50. MyFitnessPal
  51. Netflix
  52. Pinterest
  53. Photogrid
  54. Samsung Calculator
  55. Samsung Camera
  56. Samsung Contacts
  57. Samsung Phone
  58. Samsung MyFiles
  59. Shazam
  60. Twitter
  61. Minimal Text
  62. Flipboard