Remember this?

This little icon set I was working on called Theseus HD Flat? Yeah, neither do I. It’s been awhile since I’ve touched anything graphic design base. I’m not even sure what the state of mobile graphic design is in right now, as I’ve been far drawn from it. I am trying to make a comeback but it’s difficult, time is just not on my side and well, I procrastinate and get side tracked a lot. A down fall of mine when it comes to design. I still very much intend to finish this icon set, and that icon above is a finished version of the Instagram app. I also have an iPhone (if you didn’t know by now), but these will still be made exclusively for Android. I just wanted to chime in and say thank you for all those who still rock with me, I know I’ve let you down, I’m sorry, but I will finish this and bring some more new exciting projects this year.


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