Back to the drawing board…


So while internally beta testing Theseus HD Flat, one of the things the tester notice was the size was significantly smaller than iOS7 icons. I thought that was odd, it’s the same size as previous iOS incarnation, so how could that be? So I did some research and it turns out that Apple did in change not only the size but the shape as well in iOS7.

As seen above, iOS7 is more curved corners, gone are the straight edges that looked somewhat awkward in the past. More so Apple has increased the size for Retina display, icons went from 114×114 to now 120×120, that’s a big difference. Now there is no Retina Display for Android, we have good ole’ 1080p display which looks better obviously but after comparing the two sizes next to each other, I was shocked, here is a screen cap…



The Gallery icon is the standard iOS7 Retina display 120×120 icon, the 77% icon or Refresh icon is my regular sized 114×116 icon size. This is the size I’ve been using for the past 3 years, and currently for Theseus HD Flat. So now I need to do some re-tinkering to my icons, I need to reshape them, and than resize them, no fun, lol. I have very little time to as I’m working on a app for Fly By Studios with my partner Seth.

So don’t kill me if this takes a back seat, lol.


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