[App][4.0+] *NEW* Google Playstore v4.6.16

What’s new:

  • Batch install in My apps > All tab.
  • Removing apps from My apps > All no longer jumps to the top of the list.
  • New require password option.
  • ‘Settings’ and ‘Help’ finally moved to slideout nav.
  • Confusing Auto-add widgets setting renamed.
  • We can finally force PlayStore to self-update
  • IAP (in-app purchases) now included in the App permissions screen
  • Google+ +1 counts are now exact for large quantities
  • Continuous security verification
  • Tweaked styles
  • File Size History

This will install over your current PlayStore app, so hit that link below!

DOWNLOAD: Google PlayStore v4.6.16


3 comments on “[App][4.0+] *NEW* Google Playstore v4.6.16

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