Guess who’s back…

Home screen 2

KitKat 4.4.2 is out for the HTC One and that brings a lot of slew of new features like a transparent status bar! Yeah! For years, HTC has plagued us with a black status bar when using a alternate launcher. Also Google has switched to all white icons so it looks even more inline with MIUI v5.

Yes, you’re are looking at the Theseus HD, a project that Ive been working on for over a year, I know, smoke and mirrors, lol. These icons are skumorphic design and if you’ve been living under a shell lately, you know flat design is ALL the rage now. So this icon pack will more than likely never see the light of day as I move on with the ‘IN’ crowd and design my next set with a flat design. For those who were waiting for this I’m truely sorry for the delay and than the ill fate kill off. Maybe ill get back into it, maybe I wont, who knows.

Right now, it’s all about flat… so let me get back to work! Have a great Sunday everyone.


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