MIUI v5 Home Launcher



Its beautiful.

Oddly enough I found this by doing a Google a search for MIUI Launcher on XDA, lol. Some quick impressions

– Smooth, swiping is REALLY good.

– Sharp, stock icons look great

and that’s pretty much it, lol. I haven’t had to much time with it, but I like it.

Here is some more info on it:

Changelog and Features : 
New support of 1080P HD phones such as HTC butterfly
New desktop loading progress bar style and desktop menu style changing with the theme
New application of the default theme supports replacing the default clock style

Optimized default V5 theme package update
Optimized desktop menu iconOptimized icon definition on the ultra-high-definition phones
Optimized spacing adjustment of the notification bar and icons at the top

Fixed reboot issue Fixed occasionally overlapping icon
Fixed lockescreen interface always shows charging in some models

Fixed missing phone icon on ZTE U985

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?jt0yi8e6cp1vwgp

CREDIT: miuiandroid.com


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