[APP][2.2+] Mi File Explorer v3.0.5

Good morning peeps.

Here is one of my favorite apps for my phone, Mi File Explorer (MIUI Explorer on MIUI Rom). I know there is tons of File Explorer apps, some of the most popular are Root Explorer and ES File Explorer, but they all lack the look and ease of Mi File Explorer. This app is root friendly, and it has the cleanest, most user friendly setup. One of the best part of it is the color coded system of certain files (as seen above), that way you know exactly how many GB of pics, music or videos you have. It also has all the edit options you like, as copy, move, delete, select (all), paste, rename etc. Here is whats new in v3.0.5

v3.0.5 :
- Fixed root access problem
- Fixed FC, if not please let me know
- Optimized theme
- Fixed copy/move files from category pages when you click from context menu 
- Added click to copy MD5 checksum in information dialog
- If you delete a file from a category, it shows that file 
with a zero file size for some seconds, until your system remove it.
- It shows folder files count again

Give it a try, http://www.mediafire.com/?fyz7y39nvyqidih

Credit: xda-forums


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