Any Macbook Air users?


Looking to upgrade from my PC laptop to a Macbook Air. I haven’t used a Mac since college, and even than I didn’t spend too much time with it (dropped the course), so I’m not familiar with it as much. Ive played with them at Bestbuy and I REALLY like it, but how much of a learning curve is it gonna be for a major PC guy as myself? I really need it for my graphical work and digital editing and I heard Mac is the way to go. Any users? Chime in?

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4 comments on “Any Macbook Air users?

  1. The learning curve is not hard at all. I was a Mac user a long time ago and when the way of PC because of work. I switched back 5 years ago and will not go back. I was comfortable in 2 days. The Air is a terrific machine. I have had a 13 and now using a new 11 inch. You will not be disappointed.

  2. how did your transition go? picking up my macbook pro today. have little experience, just high school and playing around with my lady friends every once in awhile.

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