Busy, Busy, Busy…

… and not enough time.

How I wish there was more than 24hrs in a day, or that I didn’t work 8hrs a day, lol. I have a lot of projects but just not enough time to get to everything and it’s starting to take its toll. I promised you guys a new icon set, and I have yet to even muster out 3 so far and they’re not even worth showing IMO. Not up to my standards.

Apps! Yeah, 2 in the progress, have taken a major back seat. Illustrate was the major one, basically a textgram reboot… my vision. It’s on hold for now. I’m doing a few projects for client and these are the MOST important. These have to get done or it’s my ass, lol. I’m being paid to design for them so no excuses.

My current apps are doing well in the market still and I havent updated them in months (sigh). Im really really sorry, this was a main priority to do, but I just cant find any time to do it. I wish I could just hit a button to update them all, but it literally takes me 2 hours to update and publish ONE app, yikes. Thats also if I dont run into errors on the SDK, lol. I love the Android SDK <3. Please be patient guys, I will def try to get something up for yall. I’m still looking for some side help on building new apps, could take some pressure off of me and my work flow, anybody wanna help? Lol.

BTW, hows everybody doing? What phones do you have? Im still loving my HTC One X, super awesome device. Welp, that’s it for now. Will update on more progress. Thanks for following people!

*workspace picture not mine, credit to the owner*


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