[Screenshot] Digital Love


AT&T HTC One X | iLauncher

A friend of mine tipped me off about this launcher and its pretty nice. It does have some annoyance, can’t run widgets, and its short on feature. The only good thing is the icons are big, nicely sized on my 720p screen and look amazing, reminds me of MIUI. That’s the only reason why I like it. I did buy the paid version which allows for icon editing and changing, so as you can see Athena HD is making an appearance. The 3 dot bar at the bottom is HTC menu button. It sucks and looks out of place. I need to root my phone so I can destroy it.

I don’t know how long ill be keeping this launcher, too iPhone-ish for me, but its the only launcher I’ve used thus far that really shows off the detailed icon design.


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