Good bye Sprint, Hello AT&T!

I am now a proud owner of the HTC One X!

This phone is AWESOME! Looks and feels great. No need to go over specs, you guys already know it’s capability. A lot of people have asked me why I didn’t I stay with Sprint and get the Evo 4G LTE. Well, a couple of things.

1. I don’t like the look of the phone, and I’ve been very vocal about it on various forums. I really think HTC America messed up the design, with two tone, glossy black / poly carbon grey. Im not a fan of a kickstand (never used mine on my Evo 4G). Also don’t need a dedicate camera button.

2. Sprint doesn’t have an LTE network up yet, and when it does hit, it won’t be in my area for quite some time (early – mid 2013). AT&T has LTE in my area, and it’s HSPA+ is faster than Sprint’s 3G & Wimaxx. My AT&T signal is MUCH better already, that’s a HUGE plus for me.

3. My bill is cheaper by about $15. No unlimited data though, but I avg. about 1.5GB of data a month, so I choose AT&T 3GB plan which easily suits me fine.

4. I wanted the Cream color over Black or Grey. Something new.

Now I know Evo 4G LTE will have a slightly bigger battery, Micro SD and removal battery, but those are not major things to me. I’ve never removed the Micro SD card from my Evo and I just recently changed my battery, but the stock one lasted me almost all of my 2 year contract. So, while those things are cool, its not a need to have for me. Sprint CS was great to me for the past 2 years, no complaints and I think I only call them 2x my whole entire contract. They were friendly, helpful and nice too. I just wish the signal was better, Wimaxx was in my (and MORE) cities, and LTE was available NOW. I’m not gonna let Sprint fool me again with ‘it’s coming… just wait’ moniker. I bit with Evo 4G, and I’m still waiting. I’m not going down that road again with the Evo 4G LTE.

I would love to hear peoples opinion on the two, and what you are deciding to get!


7 comments on “Good bye Sprint, Hello AT&T!

  1. smooth pick up. had the same problems with sprint 4g service. bought the evo then an ns4g. i used 4g for the first time last week due to a combo of not being in my area and miui not supporting wimax until last week. hope it works well. look forward to seeing you back on dA.

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, its been awhile since Ive posted anything on dA. My stock One X isn’t worthy just yet, lol. I still have my Evo, will probably flash the most recent MIUI and put a theme later this week.

      • yeah. working out all the bugs with ics and getting all the status bar mods, themes, and stuff to work properly. finally got things straight.

        does that new one x beta that dropped this past weekend work for you?

      • The bootloader is locked on the AT&T version, so I haven’t tried it yet. Really anxious though.

        Devs are getting very close, hope to have S-OFF later this week *crosses fingers*

        I miss MIUI lol.

      • lol i understand that. i tried some other roms when no one was porting miui to the ns4g. and couldn’t wait to flash back to miui.

      • Yeah, no beating MIUI.

        Right now im messing with MIUIhome. Its a launcher like Launcher Pro / ADW EX etc. but all MIUI. It’s nice, close to the rom, but it will do for now till we get an unlocked bootloader

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