Quick Screenshot

MIUI v4 ICS 2.4.13 | Evo 4G

It’s been awhile, but this is my current screenshot. Some new icons. I modded the White Galaxy Nexus with the crack .psd screen from Danny (Lustro). Currently making a HTC One X phone icon, as that’s my next phone I’m getting. Goodbye Sprint, hello AT&T, lol.

HD Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/cg1ZZ.png


8 comments on “Quick Screenshot

    • Ill upload the wall tomorrow, gonna head to bed. The phone icon is mine, the crack isn’t. It’s somebody else .psd I use, and I dont have permission to release it using there work. I can release the phone icon without the crack if you like?

    • Will see, but more than likely nah. I really like the look of the AT&T version, although Im not a fan of there high data prices.

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