MIUI_v4_ICS_ROM_2.3.2 | HTC Evo4G

What we have here is the lastest ICS based MIUI v4 ROM for the Evo 4G. I take ZERO credit for this. It was given to me by a person that has asked me to leave them nameless.

I’m posting this on my blog for people who want to use it. Again, I did not create or port this, Im just using it and it is STABLE. I have used a handful of MIUI v4 ICS ROMS and this port is by far the most stable, and is my daily driver. Been using it for almost 48hrs and have no reboots so far, its fast, no lag and MMS works perfect (no GOSMS needed it or APN ports to edit). The only thing that F/Cs is video recording and Movie Stuido. Video playback is choppy too. 4 way reboot is added and yes, the new Play Store for Android is up and running flawlessly too (I got the OTA last night).

If you have an Evo 4G, give it a go: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ihb45dsxivpdf6k

P.S. If your coming from a GB build, must wipe everything FIRST, than flash like normal.


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