Day 2 of my MIUI v4 ICS rom Impressions

People wanted more impressions so here we go,

I’m getting more and more random reboots, it’s not a deal breaker but it’s annoying. The phone is really smooth, and fast at times, and than at others, its slow, it’s not bad, but it’s something to notice. The video playback is really laggy, almost useless if you have videos to watch, and video recording still does not work. Im happy to report that themes work, in some areas. Im using lockscreen locks from MIUI Gingerbread builds that work just fine. I have not fully made a theme yet, but like I mention previously, my icons theme… well some of them.

I backed up all my apps but for some odd reason the Market is NOT recognize all the apps I have. I know I have updates but its not telling me. This can be a daily driver, but I think for the time being im gonna go back to Gingerbread, just because its faster, customizing and themes work 100% and no reboots. MIUI v4 is a better overall package, it just looks good, just need something a bit more stable for now.


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