Flashed another version of MIUI v4 for the Evo 4G

I try to stay update with the world of MIUI, but Ive been so busy lately its hard to do so. Well I stumble across another version of MIUI the other day on XDA but was a bit hesitant to flash since a lot of users could not get it to boot. Well the OP had some trial and error work to fix and uploaded an updated version of the ROM a few hours ago so I took it for a test spin.

First, the about phone:

This is by far the best, smoothest MIUI v4 I’ve tried so far. It booted up fast, I mean less than 2 mins. Took off animated wallpaper and everything is running great.

To tackle OP issues

1. USB Toggle works wonders, thanks.
2. It found my music just fine and loaded it pretty fast. The music sounds more crisp, not sure if thats because of this rom, but it does sound better.

No F/Cs yet, scrolling is smooth. I haven’t tried MMS yet, but this is the major factor for me. Gallery couldnt find all my folders, and I cant hide some of the folders, at least there is no option too. Pinch to see all screens isn’t working for me, unless there is a new way to do? The clock widgets are in a different time, no love for the US? Lol.

I did have one reboot when trying to add my contacts vcard. Once the phone rebooted, loaded up, I added the vcard with no problem and phone is running great throughout the process.

Here is another quick pic,

Great build, fast and can def be a daily beast. Thanks Brownmc77.

If you have an Evo 4G and want to give it a spin, click the link for more info: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1520975

EDIT 1: It found all my gallery folders.

EDIT 2: MMS works and Im not using Go SMS either!


2 comments on “Flashed another version of MIUI v4 for the Evo 4G

  1. Do you have another way to get this version? It’s the most stable one I’ve seen and I would like to use it myself. Looks awesome.

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