Finally running MIUI v4 ICS

Hello followers!

After many weeks of wondering when or if possible, finally a ICS rom has been made for the Evo 4G! Thanks to a new ROM developer Swiperrat at XDA forums, he has released a alpha version. Ive been running this build off and on, so here is a quick review,

Ill start off with the bad:
– Gallery is buggy/laggy, a handful of times it would not load the pics, just the ICS action bar or the screen would be black. It would F/C a few times
– Sound Settings F/Cs
– Immediately had to turn off live wallpaper, made the rom extremely choppy, that’s where a dual core processor is much needed.
– Market was buggy, downloading/updating an app caused a slight screen flicker for a few seconds.
– Themes does not work (I was already aware of that)
– Chinese characters or apps built in. DND and MI-ONE app. You can delete them though.

Now the good:
– The rom is very smooth, especially for a beta like build.
– Scrolling feels great, just like the Gingerbread builds
– ICS MIUI v4 is the most beautiful rom ever. Everything looks high quality, professional. It’s ICS w/ an MIUI (orange) makeover.
– ICS Apps are awesome, scrollable and size changing widgets on MIUI! Gmail is dope, makes the gingerbread version look like *#%.
– WIFI, BT, DATA etc. works.
– Downloaded Chrome Beta, pretty slick app, but couldn’t get any pages to load, strange.
– Stock ICS browser worked though, looks great, and fast.
– Multi tasking card sliding is slick, just like ICS, just slide away to kill an app or page.

Since this is a new rom, your gonna have to re-add all your apps, text etc. I didn’t do any customization (themes is broke). but the stock feels is nice though. Although I flashed back to Swipers 2.6.6 build ( I miss my theme lol) , this ICS build def be a daily driver. It just looks dope, feels great. The few F/Cs I had are not deal breakers so far.

I shall soon have an Athena HD or even something newer (hint hint) theme coming soon, specifically for MIUI v4 ICS.


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