Bigger isn’t better

Who would of guess it, by 2011 we would have phones the size of tablets? Scratch that, who would of thought in 2011 we would have tablets? 3.5 years ago the first iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs and with a screen size of 3.5 inches. This was the beginning of the smartphone screen war. Fast forward to now and we have have phones tipping the 4.8 inch mark, ridiculous. There was a point when the market was all about smaller sized phones, fit in your pocket, back pocket, shirt pocket or just hold in the palm of your hands. It seems  todays smartphone manufacturers are out dueling each other on who can make the biggest phone, and it’s only getting worse. Android, the worlds most popular OS is reaping the benefit of this, but is this really a benefit? I think not.

I own a HTC Evo 4G on the NOW Network (Sprint). I love my phone, it’s the perfect size, that size is 4.3′, with a display resolution of 800×480. It was at that time the creme de la crepe of Android smartphones. There was also another phone that came out around the same time, consider to many as the creme de la crepe of all smartphones, the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 maintained the same 3.5 inch screen as it’s first counterpart but it came with the Retina Display, packing a 960 x 640 resolution. 4x the orignal iPhone screen resolution. You’re probably wondering, “yeah, but the screen is still small”. True, but it’s clarity is out of this world. Upon first glance the iPhone 4 screen is such an amazing piece of technology. Blacks are black, colors are warm and vibrant. Text is crisp, readible. IMO it’s the unsung hero of the phone. People laugh at Apple but I actually applaud them for sticking to there gut and not going down the same road Android smartphone manufacturer have started, going bigger.

Bigger isn’t better.

Apple kept it simple, instead of making the phone bigger, they decided to keep it the same size and improve the screen. It seems Android smartphone manufacturers didn’t understand this statement, and have just finally caught on… in late 2011. When did the iPhone 4 come out? June 2010.  A couple of Android phones have bumped up there resolution, the Motorola Atrix, Photon, HTC Evo 3D and so on, but there screen technology is still far behind what Apple has with the Retina display, IPS technology. Samsung has been the only Android smartphone manufacturer with similar thoughts. Bringing there own high resolution display to Android called Amoled. They took it a step further with Super Amoled, than another step with Super Amoled Plus and the newest to there line, Super Amoled HD. My gripe is most of these Android manufacturer are getting caught up in the bigger phone frenzy and have lost touch with which matters most, the display resolution.  It boggles my mind to know that HTC can make a phone with 4.7′ screen but with a low resolution of 800×480. One of the flagship Android handsets out right now is the award winning Samsung Galaxy S II. It packs a 4.5′ Super Amoled Plus display but the screen resolution is a lowly 800×480. Now don’t get me wrong, the screen is very very impressive and can hold it’s own against the iPhone 4 and 4s, but it makes you wonder why Samsung choose to stick with a smaller resolution. Maybe it has something to do with this next phone they co-develop?

Enter the Galaxy Nexus. Hardware by Samsung, software by Google and the first  phone to pack a 720p display, that is 1280 x 720p on a 4.65′ phone. Also it houses a Super Amoled HD display. It is down right gorgeous. The size is bigger than most but because the phones does have any physical buttons (buttons are software based, on screen), it’s actually no bigger than a 4.3′ phone. Google finally got it right, and it only took 1.5 years. IMO the sweet spot for a phone size is 4′ – 4.3′. Anything bigger is ridiculous. Instead of making phones bigger 4.5′, 4.6′, 4.7′ etc. why not just increase the screen display. Super Amoled HD to all! I wish. It makes no since to keep increasing the size of these smart phones if they keep having these low resolution displays. By this trend we will have phones the size of iPads packing 800 x480 displays. What happen to making phones smaller? What happen to being able to read an email without squinting? Most droid fanboys hate Apple, but you got to admit when it comes to screen resolution and technology they did it first and came correct. I hope the Android camp follows suit.


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