[MOD] Athena HD mClock Calendar



Here is my Athena HD mClock mod. It display the day (short) of the week at the top and the day at the bottom. There is one small problem with it, mClock does not center each day correctly. So a few days are off center, like Wed, Thurs and Fri, while others are fine, sorry nothing I can do about that. Also I highly advise you to use this on the far left side, closes to the edge like picture above. It was the only way I could get it to line up / fit perfectly with the other Athena HD icons. mClock has its own fixed pixel ratio so it was quite tuff to get it to line up correctly.

To install this, download the .zip, extract the folder [AthenaHD] to your mClock folder (assuming you have one on the root of your SD card). Than go to MENU > Editor > mClock 1×1 > Xml template > mClock > AthenaHD

P.S. This was tested on MIUI only, I’m not sure how it would look on other launchers (IE: Launcher Pro, ADW, Go Launcher, QQ etc.)

Download it here.


One comment on “[MOD] Athena HD mClock Calendar

  1. I changed your mod to match the Genesis icons and I use it on the far right side. Is it possible to give the widget text/title underneath like the other icons or are DayName and Day the only options?

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