I’m sorry for the lack of updates

Good afternoon people, hope your day is going well. I wanted to write this blog post, to apologize for the lack of udpates for the LP and ADW themes. Lately I’ve been working hard on the website (www.thekillermeteor.com) and Athena HD that Aelous HD packs got put on the back burner. I know I promised an update this weekend but things came up unexpectedly, got side track and I never got it out. I’m sorry.  I’m gonna work hard to keep updates coming, as promised. I’m working on one right now, I hope to get it out either tonight or by tomorrow.

Also if you haven’t purchased the app and just want the icons I will make sure to update the XDA thread with them as well, so you can make your own theme using the icons.

Thank you for the purchasing Aelous HD pack(s) and being patient, I truely do appreciate it.


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