Giveaway – My Pure Music Widget “Taped” Skin Mod.

Good morning peeps!

I know a lot of people been waiting for this and so I’m here to share my work with my fellow android heads. It’s my second mod of Pure Music Widget, the “Taped” skin.

Since it’s tied to the actual .apk, and the app is paid, all I ask is to show proof that you purchase the app and ill release the .apk to you.  You can get the app here. Also this has only been tested on a HTC Evo 4G, I don’t know if it works on any other phone. If you have installed my previous Vinyl Sleeve skin, you have to uninstall it before you can install Taped skin.

By Raadius Posted in Mods

153 comments on “Giveaway – My Pure Music Widget “Taped” Skin Mod.

  1. Okay I ordered it as well. By the way, its me, knowledge561 from xda bro.

    Your order has been sent to EURL Francois DESLANDES.
    EURL Francois DESLANDES is responsible for charging and shipping your order. Have questions? Contact EURL Francois DESLANDES.

    Aug 21
    EURL Francois DESLANDES received your order.

    Aug 21
    You placed an order with EURL Francois DESLANDES on Aug 21. Google Checkout sent a copy of this receipt to

  2. Hi can I get a copy of that apk? I love your work below is confirmation thy I purchased the app. Also I’ve noticed people with that tape mod on the miui photo widget is that your work??

    How do I check on this order? Get up-to-date information about order #15141435058013679270.G.456509716352244

    Problems with this order? Contact EURL Francois DESLANDES

    Order date: September 23, 2011 10:47:11 AMPDT Google Order Number: 15141435058013679270.G. 456509716352244

  3. Hi Raadius,

    Your design stuff is fantastic! Excellent work! I’d love to have this tape skin. Below is my receipt;

    And my email is;

    I’d really like to have your vinyl sleeve one too if that’s possible? Thank you and keep up the great work!


  4. I just bought the pure music widget specifically for this skin. however, I don’t have an imageshack or anything like that to upload my proof of purchase to. can I just email it to you?

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