First proper preview of Athena HD

After many many hours of working on it, here is the third (first proper) preview of my newest icon set on my HTC Evo 4G, Athena HD. Named after the Greek Goddess of War, Athena HD is my fresh, detailed orientated designs I have created in Photoshop.

After the first couple previews, I was not satisfied with my work, so I redid the base template, redid the icons from scratch, reworked the background elements all over. I’m heavy minded on details so a couple of things you’ll notice, smudge finger prints on the camera icon, shadow casting on the Samsung Galaxy S II and Gallery icons. I drew a lot of inspirations from things around me, whether it’s at home, outside or on TV/Internet. Music icon was inspired by my Rockband drum set and the ladybug icon was from a show on insects I saw on Discovery Channel HD. Settings was inspired by MIUI ROM and Market is the blueprint of Androids creation and design.

I still have a ton more icons to create, so stay tuned for more previews.


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