I think it’s about time to retire Aeolus HD…

Good afternoon peeps.

I hate to be the bearer of bad new but there comes a time when a show has ran it’s course, and this this show is Aeolus HD. Aeolus HD is my biggest, most downloadable, most recognizable icon pack ever and I would like to thank everyone who has made Aeolus HD evolve to something that I have NEVER imagine.

For everybody who has downloaded a version of it, whether it was my Aeolus HD MIUI theme, Launcher Pro – ADW Launcher theme Android Market apps or even the icons themselves, thank you, thank you so much. Everyone support for Aeolus HD has been overwhelming, through the roof. Special thanks to the people and members of Niketalk, XDA-Dev, DeviantART, MIUI.us, MIUI-Dev, Google and any other site that has helped Aeolus HD garner followers.

All is not lost though, I will still be updating Aeolus HD for MIUI and Android Market apps, and I will still be releasing the ‘Black Out” set very soon so don’t worry. There is a bit of a good news on this somber note, and that is a new icon pack is on it’s way. Yes, I’ve been working on a brand new icon pack and while it’s still early, ill be releasing a preview screen very very soon!

Once again thanks for rockin Aeolus HD and I hope you stay for the ride with the new icon pack, you won’t be disappointed 🙂


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