Aeolus HD “Black Out” Preview

So the other day I made a black-out version of some of my icons in my XDA thread. I didn’t think much of them in the sense that besides the person requesting them nobody else would care much. Boy was I wrong, lol. I got a couple more request in the thread for black-out version and a lot of PMs for more, WOW. I’ve decided to halt request for now and just release a pack. Here is a preview

So far there is Gmail, Messages, Twitter, Phone, Camera and Pocket Casts. I have made more, will preview those later. The base color will be black, some icons will include a layer gradient, some won’t but this will be a very small pack, not sure on how many icons I will include yet. Hope you like it so far.


3 comments on “Aeolus HD “Black Out” Preview

  1. Man, i cant get over how sexxxy they are! I got 1 suggestion, if i may: Make the SMS insert the same as the other inserts. Can definitely tell their off…

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