Aeolus HD ADW Launcher Theme Update (v2.3)

What’s up everyone! I have updated the ADW theme! Here is the full 2.3 changelog, I added 27 new icons:

  • Motorola Suite (Camera, Contacts and Alarm Clock)
  • Samsung Suite (Camera, Contacts, Alarm Clock and My Files)
  • Ping Chat
  • Kik Messenger
  • Linkedin
  • Contract Killer
  • Refraction
  • Ringdroid
  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
  • GPS Doctor
  • Baseball Superstar Pro 2011
  • Baseball Superstar FREE 2011
  • Boxee Remote
  • EasyGo
  • Uber Music
  • HeyTell
  • Pool Party
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Sugar Sync
  • Moon Chaser
  • Docs 2 Go
 The update is LIVE now, if it’s not showing in your Market, try this desktop link.

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