What does the term ‘NFR’ mean?

I get a lot of questions on what that means, and it stands as “not for release”. Why do I NFR some of my work? A couple of things,

  1. I’m not the sole creator, I’m using somebody else work, with permission of course.
  2. I’m the sole creator, but it’s for personal use… for now IE: I’ll release it soon enough.
In regards to icons in most cases I release it in my themes first, IE: Launcher Pro (Plus), ADW (EX) or even MIUI, before I release it to a single person. Now there has been instants where I have released NFR icons to people, but don’t worry, every icon I make will get a public release. Requested icons always get public release first, no matter what.

Now onto to Status Bar Frame Res, this is a huge topic of disuccsion, but i’ll keep it short and to the point. Up above is a screenshot of my just released MIUI theme with the Storm Trooper 3G logo. As I have mention before I’m not the sole creator of this, but got permission to release it in my MIUI theme, as long as it stays there. The problem is it ended up everywhere else now. I have let a couple of people use it in there personal themes, as long as they don’t release it. Others have ripped it, and put it in there themes, claimed it as there and not mention where it original came from. There lies the problem and that’s why people put NFR on there work.  Some people ask if I’m going to release the UFO 3G logo and first off, it’s not mine and I don’t have permission to release it, so sorry people 😦

In regards to the carrier logo trick, it’s NFR for now, only because I don’t want what happen with the Storm Trooper scenario again. I have released the info to a handful of people, and they have respectfully kept it NFR, and I thank you guys. Will I release it? Of course! Sooner rather than later, and when I do, It’ll be here on my blog 🙂


5 comments on “What does the term ‘NFR’ mean?

  1. Can’t blame ya and to be honest, you didnt have to go that far with reasoning either. I can understand explaining what the NFR stands for, hell it took me a couple hours of stairin at it for it to come to me. But you do really nice work and if you want to have something that only YOU have, so be it, you deserve that much for as much time you put out for everyone else…

    • Thanks TJ, I don’t mind sharing my own stuff, it’s that if I get permission to use somebody else work for my theme, I want people to respect that and not share it with everybody else.

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