The new MIUI 1.7.22 broke my theme :/ [UPDATE]

Today I updated my Evo 4G to the latest MIUI (v1.7.22). For the last 5 weeks I’ve been running MIUI and it has been rock solid STABLE. I have zero complaints, but every week MIUI updates, some new goodies come out and I’ve been slacking on updates for my Aeouls HD theme. So I took the plunge and updated, granted I did some research on the new “theming” system and expected it to break my current theme and well, IT DID, lol. Nothing is themeing, well my wallpapers did, but not even my icons show up, grrr. Looks like I got some work ahead of me, should be frustrating fun!

EDIT: Looks like all is not lost, I just went into the theme manger and reloaded my previous .mtz and about 80% of my theme loaded up, awesome! This should be a piece of cake now.

By Raadius Posted in MIUI

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