Screenshot: The After Party

Evo 4G | MIUI Gingerbread ROM

Lockscreen Wall: [link]
Homescreen Wall: [link]
MIUI Lockscreen: Decline (modded) by Me
Minimalistic Text Widget: [link]
Aeolus HD Theme Icons: [link]
Dock: Via MMTNNS: [link]
Pure Music Widget: Scotch Tape Skin [NFR]
Framework Res: Custom [NFR]
Megaman Custom Carrier Logo [NFR]

Been really busy lately, so haven’t had time to do to much custom works as I like. New icons, IE: Gallary, Google+, Huddle Messenger and Pool Party and MORE, will update those in my Market apps very soon. Scotch Tape PMW Skin is an updated version of my old one and the Megaman carrier logo is new too, it’s not a music, debugging, message or usb icons, it’s the carrier logo, info released to a circle of people for now. Larger screenshot here.

By Raadius Posted in MIUI

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